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Best CBD Oil Books: Must Reads!

Books About CBD Oil

CBD is now one of the most popular health supplements on the market today and more people are finding out about how it can promote health and wellness through their love for books. There is a wide range of CBD books on the market today. There is nothing quite like reading a physical book in hand. You can bookmark the page, underline, and make notes making it more enjoyable to read. There are so many talented authors who have written books about cannabis, and as of recently are writing books about CBD. CBD books are worth a read to learn all about the upcoming health and wellness supplement.

CBD Rich hemp oil: Cannabis Medicine is back (Steven Leonard-Johnson and Tina Rappaport)

CBD rich hemp oil is an easy to read book, well written and provides the reader with a superb overview all about cannabidiol. Steven is a mental health and psychiatric nurse as well as a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association. Scientific and medical information about CBD is explained, and knowledge regarding the ECS (endocannabinoid system) is conveyed in layman’s terms. The book also outlines the various ailments CBD has shown to treat, government and university studies (footnotes included for further reading), and explanations of different CBD oil products (topicals, tinctures, and capsules).

Cannabis Revealed: how the world’s most misunderstood plant is healing everything from chronic pain to epilepsy (Bonni Goldstein M.D)

Cannabis Revealed is a book packed full of information about cannabis. It is a book more leaning towards THC but with a lot of helpful information about CBD. The author Bonnie is a medical director and medical cannabis specialist of a center that provides evaluations on medical marijuana for people seeking other options to traditional medicine. An easy to read book paired with stories and science from cannabis patients. The book contains valuable content such as:

  • Understanding the risks associated with cannabis
  • Cannabis and the endocannabinoid system
  • Patient case studies
  • Conditions that may be treated using medical marijuana

Cannabis and CBD Science for dogs: natural supplements to support healthy living and graceful aging (D Caroline Coile)

D Caroline Coile has been researching the reasons how animals can be helped with the use of cannabis for over 30 years. The book gives the readers a beautiful insight into how CBD can help your pet live a happier and longer life and a look in the dogs endocannabinoid system. The book also includes:

  • Information about the animal hemp health industry
  • Animal case studies supporting CBD
  • The most effective CBD products for pets

CBD: what you need to know (Gregory L Smith MD)

Gregory Smith is a best-selling author of the cannabis book. His recent book on CBD provides the readers with information on how to choose the right CBD oil from the many oils that are available on the market today. The book outlines the history and legal issues of CBD, a protocol for patients with opiate addiction, personal stories from his own practice, and advice on using CBD for 17 chronic conditions.

CBD: a patient’s guide to medicinal cannabis – healing without the high (Leonard Leinow, Juliana Birnbaum, Michael H Moskowitz M.D (foreword)

Leonard Leinow has over 3 decades of experience in the cannabis medical industry and is the founder of synergy wellness. Inside the book there is information on the following:

  • A practical and actionable dosing guide
  • Plant medicine
  • A section on veterinarian applications for managing your animals
  • Methods for taking CBD
  • A chapter on using cannabis to fight opioid epidemic
  • Chronic conditions like menopause to ADHD that can be treated with CBD
  • An list of high CBD strains alphanetized

CBD every day: how to make cannabis-infused massage oils, bath bombs, salves, herbal remedies, and edibles (Sandra Hinchliffe)

Sandra’s first book was more about marijuana. The second book she wrote was regarding the making of home herbal remedies with cannabis. The book explains all about how you can incorporate CBD into a range of different topical products and foods including salad dressings, and which CBD strains to work with that are non-psychoactive, and how to use CBD resins, flower, and oils.

Smoke signals: a social history of marijuana – medical, recreational, and scientific (Martin A Lee)

Martin Lee’s book examines CBD from its economic, recreational, scientific, and medical dimensions. It also explores cannabis from the ancient beginnings.

The ABCs of CBD: The essential guide for parents (and regular folks too): why pot is not what we were taught (Shira Adler)

Shira Adler’s book shows a humorous look at cannabis from the ancient beginnings to the present time. The book is very informative and entertaining. The author writes a light look about CBD and its industry trends, the history of cannabis, a guide for parents on how to talk to your kids about CBD, new science surrounding cannabis, and social justice.

The Great Book of Hemp: The complete guide to the environmental, commercial, and medicinal uses of the world’s most extraordinary plant (Rowan Robinson)

The great book of hemp is an old written novel but a very good read. It is not technically about CBD however it looks at the hemp world and its many uses. The book covers how hemp can be a source of renewable energy, medicinal and therapeutic applications, the hemp cultivation worldwide history, and information about Grassroot organisations involved the legalisation of cannabis.

It’s just a plant: A children’s story about marijuana (Ricardo Cortes)

It’s just a plant book is the ideal read for parents who would like to speak to their kids about cannabis factually and mindfully.

If you are looking to learn all about CBD and the benefits, uses, and scientific research then these are the books for you to read. There are so many CBD books on the market to read and choose from a wide range of quality and excellent reads. You will not be disappointed. The books listed above offer a clear insight into CBD and cannabis including the history, health and wellness benefits of CBD, information for kids, a guide for parents on to speak to their kids about cannabis and CBD, methods on how to take CBD into your daily diet, information about the endocannabinoid system, and how patients can use cannabis or CBD to maximise their health and gain amazing benefits from this new supplement.

Top 10 Gifts for Kids Birthdays

kids elec car

Knowing what to buy your kids for their birthday can be challenging as there is so much choice available in toy shops, with new toys, characters, and gift ideas coming out every day it can be quite tricky choosing a gift. As parents, we want our kids to have the best presents, something different but not over the top, something simple, practical, and fun to play with. Toys can be creative, wonderful, and educational. When it comes to a child’s development play is very important. Toys make for great stocking fillers for birthdays, and even Christmas time too. Here is our guide to the top 10 gift ideas for kids’ birthdays.

For personalised name gift tags, choose Namedeya as they are renowned for being the best int he business. It will add that extra bit of excitement and love to your child’s birthday present.

Kids Electric Cars

Kids electric cars will satisfy your kid’s need for speed while also encouraging them to build confidence and play outdoor activities. A ride on car is the perfect and ideal toy for kids. They are very popular with both girls and boys. They are fun to drive around in and give your kids a real sense of driving a real car. There are so many different cars to choose from these include cars, jeeps, trucks, tractors, quads, go karts, scooters, and motorbikes. Create a fun atmosphere for your kids and let them explore the outside world on their new electric ride on car.

Fire HD 10 Kids Edition tablet

Get the very latest kid’s tablet which comes in a blue, pink, or yellow kid-proof case. It is a 7-inch full-featured tablet with parental controls and a 2-year worry guarantee. The tablet features 16 GB of storage, a kid’s safe browser, over 20,000 books, educational apps, games, movies, shows, and much more to choose from. Content includes sesame street, Disney, and nickelodeon. Set educational goals and time limits remotely from your smartphone using the kid’s edition tablet or amazon parent dashboard.

The Blooming Blume dolls

The blooming dolls are the newest fun toy for kids. There are over 20 dolls available to choose from. Blume dolls grow out of their plant pots by just adding a little water. They are hidden inside the flowerpot waiting to be discovered. Each doll toy comes with 10 surprises inside. 1 doll you can mix and match the accessories. Each doll contains funky hairstyles and unique outfits that can be mixed and matched. Included inside the pot contains a sticker sheet, fashion shoes, a secret playset, and a mini friend.

blooming bloom

The singing Elsa doll from Frozen 2

The singing Elsa doll comes with the frozen 2 inspired outfit and long blonde braided hair. Also included are her boots, instructions, and an outfit. Simply press the button and the doll will sing a snippet of the song into the unknown. The doll also lights up as she sings. The Elsa toy is the ideal gift for a kid’s birthday to create their own and play out the scenes from frozen. Batteries are included with the doll.

The audio pet portable mini speaker

Music has the power to lift, bring hope, and lots of fun and dancing with the coolest, cutest, and tiny Bluetooth animal speakers. There are many different animals available to choose from these include giraffe, llama, cat, dragon, puppy, unicorn, and so many more. No matter what animal your kid loves there is one there for everyone’s different tastes. The speaker is a golf ball size and it features wireless stereo technology, hide and speak app, selfie remote function, wireless Bluetooth connection, 100% manufacture guarantee, built in mic for hands free, patented custom and design, and rechargeable play battery. They are a must have gift to experience music, fun, dance, and joy.

Connect 4 board game

Connect 4 is one of the most popular games for kids to play. The first person to reach 4 in a row wins the game. The game includes a grid, 21 red discs, and 21 yellow discs, and instructions. It is a 2-player game where you drop the discs through the grid to reach 4 in a row.
Connect 4

Nintendo switch lite

The Nintendo switch lite is the new most popular handheld version gaming console for kids. The console comes available in different colours these include grey, yellow, coral, and turquoise. It is lightweight and compact with a sleek design. The controllers are built into the design for handheld playing. There are more than 2,000 games to play and many more to come. Your kids will have so much fun playing this console. It is a great gift idea.

The Crayola magic light and drawing pad

The Crayola magic light and drawing pad will allow your kids to create mess free and magical paintings. Just simply dip your magic paint brush into one of the paint pot colours and apply it to the colour wonder drawing paper. The brush will light up to show which colour your kid has chosen before it is applied to the page. There are 6 paint colours in the set and an 18-page colouring pad.

Boppi the booty shaking Llama

This fun Llama is the ideal gift for a birthday present. The toy shakes its booty and dances to 3 different songs and has 3 different dances. The toy can also shake its head and spin 360 degrees. Kids will love this as a present and have a great time playing with it. Some of the music includes 70s disco, RnB, and lots more.

Books To Read Before You Die

Some books are popular and some books that are classics so how do you know which one to pick? Sometimes a classical book isn’t the easiest to read, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Here are some books that are worth the hype and have lasted the test of time. Maybe you have read them before or maybe you have always wanted to, but it’s time to start now.

Pride and Prejudice

This novel has and always will be a classic due to how contemporary and relevant it feels. Readers are drawn in by Jane Austen’s great literary technique and may be shocked to discover people felt the same way so long ago.

The book is full of satire and exposes the big business that marriage was back in the day. While that sounds uninteresting you will soon find yourself drawn in.


This is one of the best sci-fi classics to ever be written and remains an important part of the literary world. The plot revolves around a scientist and the monster he creates which is a dream come true for many people.

It also brings up many ethical questions about what is right and wrong and the treatment of others. The important concept is who the monster is and how to define it.

To Kill A Mocking Bird

This is a timeless classic written by Harper Lee and has been endearing readers for generations. It is a glimpse into the oppressive power structure in America and the way society treats people.

The protagonist is young and innocent so Scout is the perfect narrator. Despite its age, it is very similar to society today and you can draw several comparisons.

The Great Gatsby

This is a great insight into the roaring 20s and portrays an enviably lavish lifestyle. F Scott Fitzgerald portrays a decadent and indulgent lifestyle that many would aspire to.

Despite this, you get a look beneath the surface of the American dream into the sad reality. You are left wanting to be part of the party and not go anywhere near it.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Margaret Atwood has created a terrifying and disturbing dystopian novel that will leave you thinking about it for weeks to come. It is a critical view of the patriarchy and status quo that endangers women in America.

It is one of the most important books to read and raises several political concerns that are still relevant today.

What Are The Most Common Books?

There are several genres of books due to the variety of readers and age rangers that authors have to cater to. While there is definitely something for everyone, there are some genres that are more popular than others.

This is something to take into consideration before buying a book as some people might feel strongly against certain styles. It’s important to be aware of what are the most popular books are as it will be beneficial for everyone.


It seems like people are obsessed with observing the darker side of life and in 2016, crime was the UK’s most popular adult fiction genre. It also remains very popular with young adult readers and often tops the chart.

There are several TV and movie adaptations of popular thrillers and you will find most readers enjoy the stories. The suspense, excitement, and surprise are addictive and readers keep coming back for more.


Everyone is a sucker for love stories and romance fiction generates billions. It has a serious share in the book market and isn’t just for women as previously thought.

There are even sub-genres that might be more appealing to the particular reader depending on their tastes. War-time romance or sci-fi romance is technically still the same style but are very different from a classical one.

Children and Young Adult

If there’s one thing for sure – a lot of these books are not just for children and many adults are fans. However, the children who love to read, do so with a burning passion that churns through several books a month.

Again several sub-genres can tailor your choice for a specific person if you know their preference. There are graphic novels, sci-fi, fantasy as well as activity-based ones for younger children or educational books written more comprehensively.

Inspirational Books

These are growing in popularity as people struggle to see the world around them and make sense of it. Self-help, self-improvement and inspirational books are a growing industry that isn’t to be forgotten.

They don’t have to be tailored to the specific person and can be generalized. Everyone will benefit from a book on improving happiness and it might make a significant change in a person’s life.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Lovers of this genre are loyal and happy to buy all books associated or similar to ones they love. They are happy to explore the genre and can be one of the easiest people to buy for.

The most popular sub-genres seem to be a paranormal and urban fantasy with several books getting converted to the big screen. Whatever type of fantasy you are into – there is sure to be something for you.

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