There are several genres of books due to the variety of readers and age rangers that authors have to cater to. While there is definitely something for everyone, there are some genres that are more popular than others.

This is something to take into consideration before buying a book as some people might feel strongly against certain styles. It’s important to be aware of what are the most popular books are as it will be beneficial for everyone.


It seems like people are obsessed with observing the darker side of life and in 2016, crime was the UK’s most popular adult fiction genre. It also remains very popular with young adult readers and often tops the chart.

There are several TV and movie adaptations of popular thrillers and you will find most readers enjoy the stories. The suspense, excitement, and surprise are addictive and readers keep coming back for more.


Everyone is a sucker for love stories and romance fiction generates billions. It has a serious share in the book market and isn’t just for women as previously thought.

There are even sub-genres that might be more appealing to the particular reader depending on their tastes. War-time romance or sci-fi romance is technically still the same style but are very different from a classical one.

Children and Young Adult

If there’s one thing for sure – a lot of these books are not just for children and many adults are fans. However, the children who love to read, do so with a burning passion that churns through several books a month.

Again several sub-genres can tailor your choice for a specific person if you know their preference. There are graphic novels, sci-fi, fantasy as well as activity-based ones for younger children or educational books written more comprehensively.

Inspirational Books

These are growing in popularity as people struggle to see the world around them and make sense of it. Self-help, self-improvement and inspirational books are a growing industry that isn’t to be forgotten.

They don’t have to be tailored to the specific person and can be generalized. Everyone will benefit from a book on improving happiness and it might make a significant change in a person’s life.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Lovers of this genre are loyal and happy to buy all books associated or similar to ones they love. They are happy to explore the genre and can be one of the easiest people to buy for.

The most popular sub-genres seem to be a paranormal and urban fantasy with several books getting converted to the big screen. Whatever type of fantasy you are into – there is sure to be something for you.